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HomeSpek Radon Testing

-2nd leading cause of lung cancer

-In Winnebago county 2 out of 5 homes have high levels of radon

-Radon induced lung cancer is  99.9% preventable

-Radon is an invisible, odorless, tasteless gas

-Radon gas is not carbon monoxide which you have a home detector for

-All homes are at risk

-Radon gas is produced by decay of uranium deposits found in rock, soil, and water below homes.  "815Radon"

Radon System Installation contact:

J. Schan Willis- Clean Air Radon System, Inc (click)


HomeSpek "BuildFax" Report

An interactive list of registered building permits for old and newly constructed homes.(addition cost)

HomeSpek "SkyVision"

HomeSpek "Air View" is high quality picture and video capturing drone that captures hard to reach areas outside the home or business. Also HomeSpek "Air View" is used for high quality pictures for Residential & Commercial online listing.(call for quote)

HomeSpek 360º View
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